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FAQs around organizational topics

Questions and answers concerning a few important organizational issues.

Offers, orders & shipping

For a quotation, we need at least information about the type of workpiece, its material, the dimensions (external dimensions, weight), the surfaces to be treated, including special challenges, as well as the treatment target or the desired treatment type. The desired completion date is also important.

When placing an order, we also need the detailed written documentation of the areas to be processed and the desired treatment.

An order must always be given in writing and should be accompanied by appropriate documentation (eg. CAD, MS PowerPoint or PDF file).

Misunderstandings and ambiguities should be avoided under all circumstances in the interest of all parties concerned.

A single workpiece may have the following maximum dimensions for treatment at the location of the Sochor Polishing & Welding company:

     W x H x D: on request
     Weight: 9 t

If the dimensions of your workpiece exceed the limits above, we are happy to find alternative treatment solutions, e.g. on-site in your location.

Yes, we absolutely require a delivery note belonging to the workpiece, because no goods receipt can be booked in our IT system without a delivery note. Without a goods receipt entry, no internal work papers can be created and thus the processing of the work piece can not be started.

It is often easier and more economical for the customer to carry out or arrange the transport himself.

Of course, we are also happy to organize the transport of workpieces between the location of the customer and our company.

We usually ship smaller workpieces up to 30 Kg by regular mail.

For larger workpieces, we always hire a forwarding agency.

The transport costs (including insurance) will be charged to the customer as a separate invoice item.

If the Sochor company organizes the transport of workpieces, we insure them against loss or damage.

For workpieces sent by regular mail (up to a maximum of 30 kg), we automatically insure the value up to €25,000.00.

The standard insurance of transported goods at forwarding companies on the other hand is usually only a few hundred Euros.

Therefore, supplementary insurance is often necessary!

Here, we depend on your help, because we can’t really guess the value of your workpiece. So, please be sure to tell us the value to be insured, and we will arrange the appropriate transport insurance for you – its cost will of course be charged to you. If you don’t give us the value to be insured, we always use the standard insurance package of the respective logistics partner.

The Sochor company only organizes the transport on behalf of the customer and therefore rejects any liability for damage or loss of transported goods including any potential consequential damages.

Yes, we can deploy workers to the customer location under certain circumstances.

For instance, for injection molding tools, it is imperative to ensure clean demoulding. In critical cases, our specialists accompany the first set-up of the treated tool or the start-up of the machine at the customer site.

However, as the treatment options within the customer premises are limited, we prefer to process the workpiece in-house at our own location.

Pricing & invoicing

A deviation of the actual price from the quoted price depends among others on the completeness and correctness of the information given to us in advance.

As a rule, a deviation of +/- 10% should not be exceeded.

BUT, for instance, inferior quality of the workpiece material, worse than promised preliminary work (for example coarse milling marks), or customer requests introduced after placing the order can quickly lead to a price increase of several 100% due to unplanned additional effort!

If such a development is foreseeable, we will inform the customer in question as soon as possible and discuss the further course of action together with the customer. However, this may result in an adjustment of the quote and a corresponding new or additional order by the customer.

Our prices are calculated based on the following components:

  • base price per hour (including standard auxiliary materials, e.g. fleece)
  • effort in hours per employee
  • respective employee factor (for differentiation between hours spent by a master, an assistant, or a trainee)
  • additional required auxiliary substances  (for example special abrasives)

Potential transport, insurance, travel, and accomodation costs are always charged separately.

Yes, the following surcharges apply to the basic hourly rate if the cause for activities outside normal working hours is not the fault of the Sochor company and no other agreement in written form exists:

  • 25% night surcharge (Mon. – Fri., 6:00 pm – 6:00 am)
  • 50% Saturday surcharge (Sat., all day)
  • 100% Sunday surcharge (Sun., all day)
  • 125% regular public holiday surcharge (all day)
  • 150% special public holiday surcharge
    • May, 1st (all day)
    • Dec, 24th (02:00 pm – midnight)
    • Dec, 25th (all day)
    • Dec, 26th (all day)
    • Dec, 31st (02:00 pm – midnight)

Effort-based billing plus additional special auxiliary costs and possibly accruing transport costs is fair and therefore our favorite.

Upon explicit request, a lump-sum or project price can be agreed upon in advance (always exclusive shipping costs).

However, should unforeseen developments beyond our control lead to an increased effort and as such to disproportionate additional costs in relation to the agreed-upon project or “flat rate” price, we will contact the customer immediately and reserve the right to cancel the order in agreement with the customer, to add a lump-sum surcharge, or to switch to effort-based pricing.

Yes, we would be glad to send you the invoice by e-mail to your billing address. Please, just let us know the address.

Our terms of payment are:

14 days net

Our VAT-ID (Value-Added-Tax Identification) is:

DE 146109212

The EORI number (Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification number) is an operator identification number that is valid throughout the European Union and replaces the German customs number. Since Regulation (EC) No 312/2009 amending provisions for the implementation of the Customs Code came into force on 1 July 2009, this number is a prerequisite for customs clearance in the European Union.

Our EORI number is:


Our bank account details are:

Account holder: Anna Sochor Polishing & Welding

Bank institute: VR-Bank Ludwigsburg eG, Germany

IBAN: DE88 6049 1430 0782 8800 02


For tax reasons, our German-speaking billing address must be used:

Anna Sochor Polier- & Schweisstechnik

Kaerntener Str. 25

71522 Backnang (Maubach)



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