Every company should know what it stands for (mission) and in which direction it wants to develop (vision).

Here are our mission and vision statements.

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Our mission

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As a company, we deal with the individual refinement of surfaces by polishing (all gloss levels, matt to high gloss) or satining (for example by blasting or brushing) in complex high-precision manual work. This also includes pre- or post-processing activities such as deburring, honing, leveling or repolishing. We process tools, raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished parts made of steel, aluminum, and other materials in single or small series production in-house or in the field exactly according to the specifications of our customers. Our company is small enough to be extremely customer-oriented and flexible, but also big enough to deliver larger or more complex orders quickly in the highest quality.

Our predominantly German, but also European and worldwide customers, as exquisite and renowned companies, are usually among the technical or market leaders in their industry and place the highest value on quality, individuality, image, and confidentiality. We are proud to be able to convince and satisfy them every day with the quality of our work as well as our professionalism, and flexibility – and do our utmost to ensure that it stays that way. Working in close partnership with our customers, we also explore new avenues, identifying specific manufacturing processes as needed, and delivering repeatable yet unique, individual, and inimitable results to every customer. We gain new customers mainly by word-of-mouth recommendation of existing customers, are as such an excellent “insider tip” in the industry, and use no public marketing apart from our internet presence. Walk-in customers, large series and mass business do not belong to our target group.

Our handpicked employees are among the best in Europe and have the highest levels of talent, experience, and commitment. As a company, we are aware of the responsibility to our employees as the driver of our success and act accordingly.

We are also aware of our responsibility towards the environment.

Our vision 2025

We are a crisis-proof, clearly structured, highly efficient and employee-oriented company which has successfully been transferred from the pioneering phase to the structuring phase (1) within the framework of the generational change in corporate management:

  • Our internal organization and our organizational processes are optimally aligned with our business activities; corresponding processes are simplified, standardized, documented, and – if economically feasible – certified by ISO9001.

  • Responsibilities and interfaces are clearly defined, employees assume additional responsibility and are actively involved in operational decision-making processes.

  • The IT environment is modernized, cloud-based, complexity is reduced, standards are set, and implemented. The IT infrastructure is operated professionally and cost-efficiently. IT security and privacy play an important role.

  • The field service as an important tool in terms of flexibility and customer satisfaction is significantly expanded.

  • To increase efficiency and efficiency, the greatest potential for savings has been found and implemented. The funds thus saved are mainly used to protect the company against economic crises, to secure jobs, and in the context of investments for modernization.

  • Quality assurance is institutionalized and coordinated by dedicated, specially trained staff who also carry out the final inspection.

  • Each of our production areas has an expanded customer spectrum. Fluctuations in the order situation will balance well and risks are minimized.

  • The handling of hazardous or environmentally hazardous substances is limited to the minimum required. All necessary protective measures for employees and the environment are strictly adhered to and regularly reviewed.

    (1) As a pioneering, structuring, organism and holon phase (also pioneering, differentiating, integrating and associating phases), change management describes sequential stages of development in the company’s life cycle.

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