Our team

We lead the Sochor Polishing & Welding company into the future.

Anna Sochor


Anna Sochor is senior employer and owner of the company. She mainly performs internal audit tasks and takes care of the finances.

Guenther Sochor


Günther Sochor is senior manager and managing director of the company. He has decades of polishing experience, is involved in all projects and assignments and makes essential decisions within the companies economic environment. In addition, he participates in sales, the creation of complex offers, and carries out post-calculations.

Gabriele Sochor-Hummel


Gabriele Sochor-Hummel is responsible for the internal organization of the company. This includes the areas of personnel, purchasing, accounting, controlling, and IT as well as, for instance, coordination of logistics. She is primary contact for all topics mentioned above as well as all other organizational questions. In addition, she manages internal and, in some cases, customer projects.

Bruno Sochor

Production & Development

Bruno Sochor manages the production and development departments of the company. With his decades of experience in the field of surface treatment and polishing, he is also the contact person and decision maker for all technical questions of our customers and business partners. He is also very active in sales through his excellent contacts.