Environmental protection & sustainability support nature, save valuable resources and as such help to maintain a livable world for generations to come. We owe that to our children – and to ourselves if we want to look in the mirror in the morning without a guilty conscience. The Sochor Polishing & Welding company takes environmental protection and sustainability very seriously.

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Environmental protection

Already in the procurement of working materials as well as supplies, we pay attention to environmental compatibility. This also includes – as far as possible – the avoidance of environmentally hazardous chemical substances. Or at least their replacement with more environmentally friendly alternatives.

For this reason, we have decided not to apply paint stripping and not to use certain chemical cleaning or polishing techniques.

Naturally, we also adhere strictly to the legal regulations for the environmentally friendly disposal of waste. This starts with simple waste separation, goes through environmentally sound destruction of files and data carriers up to the disposal of hazardous substances through the competent authorities.

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For us, sustainability means the use of renewable raw materials. We also like to use recycled products (e.g. paper).

On the other hand, by reusing work equipment (e.g., packaging material), we also try to minimize the consumption of resources.

In addition, we always strive to reduce the consumption of electricity, water, paper and other consumables in terms of quantity.

So we hope to contribute to stop the depletion of finite resources.