Our customers with their individual wishes and needs are the focus of our 25 years of business activity. For them we bring in all our skills and our polishing experience. We always fulfill their orders measured against the highest standards. Of course, we also strive to justify the trust of our customers with every challenge.

We work by hand. This requires a lot of experience. In fact, it’s a form of art. Inevitably, this also has its fair, effort-based price. Our customers are accordingly demanding. We are proud and happy to work for each and every one of our clients!

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Our customers


Our customers are exclusively corporate clients.

We are usually commissioned by (in alphabetical order):

  • art ateliers
  • design studios
  • engineering offices
  • industrial companies
  • mold and die makers
  • tool manufacturers

Understandably, our customers insist on strict confidentiality. That’s why we can’t give names and details…


Only so much: if you drive a certain car of the highest sport or noblest luxury class, then you see interior parts treated by us. The same happens if you are invited by a certain sheikh to fly in his A380. Or maybe you were allowed to ride on the yacht of a certain billionaire?

As an example we can also name exterior parts, e.g. view hatches or hull parts of a well-known producer of helicopters.

And also some furniture and accessories – among others designed by a fashion icon with white hair, dark sunglasses, and a braid – carry our very personal signature.

We were allowed to lay a hand on tools of globally leading car brands (with and without wings, a star, diamonds, rings, or coats of arms) and their suppliers. Of chemical and pharmaceutical companies (e.g. for the measurement and packaging of medicines) as well. The same applies to manufacturers of exquisite coffee machines, household and large electrical appliances, tableware, bathroom / kitchen utensils, sanitary facilities, furniture, or garden tools. For a child seat manufactory we were also able to shine in the truest sense of the word. Just to mention only a small selection.

We would be very pleased to prove to you that we belong to the world’s best and finest in our field!

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Steel sphere with high gloss surface and reflexion

Other business partners and suppliers

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Business partners

In addition to business partners in the administrative sector, such as a tax consultancy, and in the logistics sector (freight forwarders), we also cooperate with external partners within the production environment.

We use the latter especially for larger welds, laser welding, or welding in structure as well as micro-blasting.

Conversely, partners frequently approach us with special assignments, too. Over the years, this has resulted in a very trusting collaboration.


When selecting our suppliers, we pay particular attention to the quality of their products. Simplicity of procedures concerning ordering, delivery, and billing is also a priority.

Of course, the price also plays a role. The latter, however, only as long as our customers, ourselves, or the environment suffer no disadvantages. Disadvantages would be for instance additional effort, loss of quality, or avoidable ecological burden.

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